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Lowongan Kerja

PT Timas Suplindo

PT Timas Suplindo adalah perusahaan swasta terkemuka di Indonesia yang telah membangun kepentingannya di bidang EPCIC Darat dan Lepas Pantai yang dinamis dan inovatif. Berikut ini adalah Lowongan Kerja PT Timas Suplindo.

Tim TIMAS yang berpengalaman menggabungkan sifat-sifat kelas dunia dan berorientasi pada kualitas karena kami menyediakan rangkaian lengkap layanan EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Instalasi & Commissioning).

Di Timas, kami percaya bahwa keselamatan harus menjadi landasan dalam setiap pekerjaan yang dilakukan. Semangat kami selalu menempatkan keselamatan sebagai prioritas utama kami karena hanya dengan itulah proyek dapat dilaksanakan dengan sukses.

Dengan pengalaman EPCIC selama puluhan tahun, kami tahu persis bagaimana mengoptimalkan kebutuhan setiap proyek. Kami bertujuan untuk membantu klien kami dalam menghindari redundansi dan biaya, penundaan serta risiko.

Timas telah mentransformasi industri minyak & gas global melalui layanannya, menawarkan klien cakupan bawah laut hingga permukaan yang luar biasa melalui layanan kami.

Lowongan Kerja PT Timas Suplindo

Saat ini PT Timas Suplindo memberikan kesempatan lowongan kerja untuk dapat bergabung bersama dengan posisi sebagai berikut:

1. HR & GA Staff

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for the fullfilment of Man Power Planning, based on qualification from user
  • Responsible for handling all recruitment process (sourcing, selection and hiring)
  • Screening (increasing candidate resumes), Assessment candidate (knowledge and skill) and hiring the candidate
  • Interview and assessment new candidate for new vacancy
  • Managing document of new employees
  • Managing contract for new employee and monitoring contract for exist employee
  • Helping monitoring and assist compensation and benefits of employee
  • Assist the HRM about administration of HR and Recruitment
  • Provide psychological testing and doing interpretation of psychological test results, collaboration with HRGA Supervisor
  • Posting job ads and organizing resumes and job applications Scheduling job interviews and assisting in interview process
  • Orienting new employees to the organization (setting up a designated log-in, workstation, email address, etc)
  • Halping the GA staff to provide accomodation (hotel, tickets) for employees, which will make official travel
  • Monitoring staff performance and attendance activities
  • Conduct coaching activities, training and activities related to skill development, potential, mental, skills and knowledge of employees in accordance with company standards

Requirements :

  • Maximum 35 years old
  • Minimum S1 any field, but preferably Bachelor Degree of Psychology or Human Resource Management
  • Have minimum 2 year working of experience as HRGA in EPCI Company or Oil & Gas Contractor, fresh graduate are welcome to apply
  • Communicative, Multitasking, high mobility, honest and initiative person
  • Good Communication and negotiation skill
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia

2. Process Improvement Staff

Job Responsibilities :

  • Assist management representatives in the implementation and development of the Quality Management System
  • Make changes to documents and coordinate with the Management Representative
  • Prepare and make changes to procedures or quality documents according to the approved PFD
  • Conduct an assessment of the suitability of the implementation of a quality document after it is issued

Requirements :

  • Maximum 35 years
  • Have a minimum of S1 degree from any major (preferable Bachelor Degree from Engineering)
  • Have a minimum of 1 year or move of working experience as Process Improvement Staff or QMR Staff
  • Good communication in English (verbal & written), Good analytical thinking
  • Able to operate Ms Office (Ms Visio, Ms Excel and Ms Power Point)
  • Understand about ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • Have experience as Audit QHSSE and certified as Auditor

3. Procurement

Job Resonsibilities :

  • Reviewing the process of Supplier Sourching, Tender, Clarification, Bid Tabulation, Negotation, and Winner Recommendation to PO Issuance
    Receiving, Register PR
  • Ensuring that the search process and assessment of the Supplier are going well
  • Learning and clarifying as needed with the User
  • Helping determine the evaluation results of Vendor/Subcontractor those that are in accordance with the request
  • Coordinate with the expediter to ensure that items purchased have arrived on request

Requirements :

  • Maximum 40 years
  • S1 Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument, etc)
  • Have minimum 3 years of expereince with the same position in EPCI, Fabrication Company
  • Have good negotiation and communication skills
  • Have good knowledge of export and import procedure
  • Have knowledge of vendors and awareness to the market price/trend
  • Have experience as a Subcontractor or Buyer or Puchasing or Procurement
  • Good command in English both written and spoken (will be preferable)
  • Computer literate
  • Good individual and team player
  • Excellent in time management and planning skills
  • Fluent in English both oral and written is a must

4. Accounting & Tax Staff

Job Responsibilities :

  • Calculating, makes and report corporate taxation correctly so that the company’s tax obligations can be carried out properly
  • Assessing the tax invoice is damaged or not, filling a number of funds needed for corporate tax payments
  • Making the recording process correctly so that company is able to present reports correctly and accurately
  • Knowing all the company finance transaction
  • Making daily journals and adjusting journals
  • Supporting composing finance reports for taxes
  • Making turnover equalization and Pph
  • Checking general ledger for each account
  • Making reconciliation all ledgers related to others departement (salary, guarantee bank, deposit, etc)
  • Preparing documents for finance reports that related to external or internal

Requirement :

  • Maximum 33 years old
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
    Minimum 3 year of working experience as Accounting and Tax Staff
  • Good knowledge in taxation (Witholding Tax, PPh)
  • Excellent skill in accounting and tax regulation
  • Have some experiences as public accountant would be a good advantages
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadline with high speed and accuracy level
  • Good command in English both written and spoken
  • Systematic, detailed and well-organized
  • Computer lliterate

5. Project Control & Scheduler

Job Responsibilities :

  • Create a Detailed Schedule based on the time duration specified in the job order or client purchase order (PO)
  • Monitor Project Progress regularly and follow up on work stages that are approaching or exceeding the schedule with the relevant departements
  • Making report to Head of Production Planning and Control (PPC) (such as Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports, etc) in accordance with applicable standards and client requests
  • Making and develop Plans for the allocation of manpower, machinery, and subcontractors
  • Ensure tha completeness of materials or parts in the packing list based on approved drawings
    Provide Supporting Documentation for Tender Documents as required
  • Communicate issues to Head of PPC related project and to find the solutions
  • Prepare Shipping Documents and Export Product Supporting Documenta (if necessary)
  • Ensure that all work is carried out according to the established schedule

Job Requirements :

  • Maximum 35 years old
  • Minimum D3/S1 any field, preferably bachelor degree of Engineering
  • Have minimum 5 year working of experience as Project Control & Scheduler in EPCI Company or Oil & Gas Contractor, fresh graduate are welcome to apply
  • Able to operate Ms Office (Ms Visio, Ms Project and Autocad)
  • Communicative, Multitasking, high mobility, honest and initiative person
  • Good Communication and negotiation skill
  • Will be placed at Timas Fabrication Shop Jl Raya Serang Km. 72 Ds. Kibin Kec. Kibin Serang-Banten

6. Welding Inspector

Job Responsibilities :

  • Ensuring that works complies with the Welding Plan, pproved WPS/PQR for each project in the workshop and monitoring welding activities every day
  • Design and prepare new WPS/PQR creation and witnessing mechanical tests in the laboratory
  • Coordination Welder and WPQT tests for each job order
  • Ensuring that the visual results of welding conform to the applicable Code Standards
  • Coordination the NDT process, creating and interpreting Radiography Test results before submitting them to the QA – QC Document, and makes summary of the film reading results
  • Create a Welding Report, such as Visual Inspection and Welding Traceability records
  • Doing Final Inspection after the product is finished, before it enters the painting process

Job Requirements :

  • Maximum 35 years
  • Minimum D3/s1 any field, preferably bachelor degree of Engineering
  • Have minimum 5 year working of experience as Welding Inspector in EPCI Company or Oil & Gas Contractor
  • Good communication in English (verbal & written), Good analytical thinking
  • Certified of Welding Inspector
  • Having Experience handle vessel project
  • Will be placed at Timas Fabrication Shop Jl Raya Serang Km. 72 Ds. Kibin Kec. Kibin Serang-Banten

Tata Cara Melamar:

If you are confident that you meet our requirements, please submit your application up to 2 weeks with complete CV, certificates, expected salary and indicating the job position.

  1. Write Position Tittle applied and your name in email subject line to:
  2. And to: for Fabrication Shop Position
  • Hati-hati terhadap segala bentuk jenis penipuan lowongan kerja, karena pendaftaran lowongan pekerjaan itu gratis tidak ada biaya dalam bentuk apapun.

PERHATIAN! melamar pekerjaan di tidak dipungut biaya apapun

Agar tidak ketinggalan info loker setiap hari, gabung channel telegram


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